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本校暨附屬醫院教職、醫事同仁對外投稿 SCI、SSCI、EI 與A&HCI 期刊論文請依「作者單位撰寫原則」(詳附件一)辦理,未依該原則發表之論文,將不列入核發論文獎勵金、彈性薪資及升等申請之依據,請確實遵守並查照辦理。

110.03.09(週二) 09:00~110.03.23(週二)18:00止

According to the resolution of epidemic prevention meeting on Jan. 18, starting from Jan. 20, all visitors should be wearing a mask and having the temperature checked for campus entry (including underground parking lot). Anyone not wearing a mask or with forehead temperature of greater than or equal to 37.5 degree celsius will not be permitted to enter the campus.
For 2021 admission, TMU only accepts international graduate students (Master and Ph.D.).
Notic for travel abroad (20201231 updated)
In collaboration with the Observational Health Data Sciences and Informatics (OHDSI), Taipei Medical University (TMU) established “OHDSI Taiwan Chapter” and participated in the “Uncovering exposures responsible for birth season– disease effects,” a global research conducted by experts and scholars from Taiwan, the US, South Korea and other countries.

講者:裘正健 院長


「醫學科技學院- 產程轉譯特別演講」-2020.12.17(四)13:10-15:00 陳卓逸助理教授:Network Medicine in the Age of Biomedical Big Data@2302教室
「醫學科技學院- 產程轉譯特別演講」-2020.12.31(四)13:10-15:00 蔡佳哲研發長:Development of an allogeneic stem cell product "ELIXCYTE" for the treatments of osteoarthritis and chronic kidney disease@2302教室
「醫學科技學院- 產程轉譯特別演講」-2020.12.24(四)13:10-15:00 洪良宜教授:A novel strategy for treating Aurora-A-overexpressing cancer cells@2302教室
「醫學科技學院- 產程轉譯特別演講」-2020.12.10(四)13:10-15:00 沈哲宏助研究員:HSP90 inhibitor impairs visual performance via attenuating TRP channel expression @2302教室
Dr. Yu-Chuan Jack Li, distinguished Professor of the College of Medical Science and Technology, Taipei Medical University and President-Elect of the International Medical Informatics Association, speaks about Taiwan’s successful coping with the COVID-19-Crisis. He sketches opportunities und innovative solutions and chances for the future due to the pandemic