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本校暨附屬醫院教職、醫事同仁對外投稿 SCI、SSCI、EI 與A&HCI 期刊論文請依「作者單位撰寫原則」(詳附件一)辦理,未依該原則發表之論文,將不列入核發論文獎勵金、彈性薪資及升等申請之依據,請確實遵守並查照辦理。
Due to unconfirmed infections in community today, please comply with the resolutions of Wuhan Pneumonia Prevention Meeting. TMU Precautionary Measures has been enhanced Quasi first level.
【公告】本校擬提高疫情警戒,5/14(五)起全校課程採遠距授課。Due to unconfirmed infections in community today, TMU decided to change all courses to distance teaching from May 14th to June 8th.
自5月17日起校園防疫措施調整【 TMU Epidemic control meeting announced the following information and will be executed from 5/17】
中央流行疫情指揮中心公告案1113、1120生活地點,如符合以下情形,請配合辦理。If you are eligible for the condition as below, kindly follow the TMU regulation.
國際事務處給同學的一封信/ Message from the Office of Global Engagement
Notic for travel abroad (20201231 updated)
According to the resolution of epidemic prevention meeting on Jan. 18, starting from Jan. 20, all visitors should be wearing a mask and having the temperature checked for campus entry (including underground parking lot). Anyone not wearing a mask or with forehead temperature of greater than or equal to 37.5 degree celsius will not be permitted to enter the campus.